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Bag In Box

EtiquetasPublishing date: 13/05/2016

It is from a carton, inside which there is a closed and sealed opaque plastic bag with a relief valve that allows the emptying of the bag.

Its interior volume is adjustable to the amount of fluid remaining inside, thus reducing the contact of the wine with oxygen, preventing its oxidation.


You do not know this format? Perhaps because in Spain the offer isn't too high. We have a bad habit of judge a product by its container, which makes consumers to be wary of the quality of the product.

But not in all places.

In Northern European countries this packaging is widespread, they are those who top the list of the consumption of wine in this format. For example, in Sweden 55-60 per cent of the volume of wine that is sold is made in format 3 litre Bag In Box.

It has the time to knock down the myths and find out the advantages of the bottled wine in Bag In Box.

  • The container allows us to protect the wine from external elements such as sudden changes in temperature, the light of the Sun and the oxygen from the air.
  • Once opened, wines are preserved perfectly until 6-8 weeks, so you can increase the individual consumption of wine, without having to think about pulling the bottle because it has oxidized us.
  • Removed possible blamed defects in the wine Cork, etc.
  • Hygiene is maximum because containers are disposable, they are comfortable and easy to store in the refrigerator (in the case of white and rosé).
  • This container is less expensive than glass and takes up less space, which reduces the costs for the wineries, allowing them to pack wine of the highest quality at the lowest prices.
  • They can be found in different sizes and designs, according to the customer's needs.
  • Finally, the environmental impact, if we compare it with a glass bottle is similar, because both containers are reciclable.
  • No doubt this is an ideal container for the usual young wines without crianza, since they extend the life of the wine once opened, forgetting fear that oxidize us the whole bottle when we wanted to take a cup of food.
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