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Our curiosities

Here we would like to share with you our details, developments, little secrets, wishes and our love for wine.

Wine, food classified as "spirit" nowadays, that has engraved on it a piece of our history, our land and our culture.

The healthiest and most hygienic drink...


Etiquetas Publishing date: 23/05/2016

After six years of existence, LEYENDA DEL PÁRAMO will bring to market its first organic wine.EL RESCATADO is the result a constant working craft, sustainable, constancy, sensitivity and respect for the environment.Wines made with the autochthonous varieties Albarin Blanco and Prieto Picudo, from its vineyards organic, unique in the world. Current and with a great aromatic expression White, rosé and red wines that transmit the terroir of a [...]

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Bag In Box

Etiquetas Publishing date: 13/05/2016

It is from a carton, inside which there is a closed and sealed opaque plastic bag with a relief valve that allows the emptying of the bag. Its interior volume is adjustable to the amount of fluid remaining inside, thus reducing the contact of the wine with oxygen, preventing its oxidation.   You do not know this format? Perhaps because in Spain the offer isn't too high. We have a bad habit of judge a product by its container, which makes [...]

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Carlos #LegendaryPeople

Etiquetas Publishing date: 04/05/2016

 CarlosGuadalajara, SpainSommelier. Responsible for store Valentín Moreno and children (founded in 1964). Why did you decide to work with Leyenda del Páramo?I try many wines throughout the year but very few wines that seduce you, that you love and less the wineries that make it with all its wines, here is one of them.Do you identify with what wine Leyenda del Páramo and why?El Médico.It is the first I tried, we made one for the other, we [...]

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Alimentaria 2016

Etiquetas Publishing date: 03/05/2016

As every two years, Leyenda del Páramo was present at ALIMENTARIA 2016. In the photo Álvaro de la Parra and Pedro González Mittelbrunn (Leyenda del Páramo) and our distributors in Barcelona.From 25 to 28 April, Barcelona hosted the most important national event at the level of export, aiming to boost sales in countries such as Germany, China, Mexico, USA and United Kingdom. I teach some images of what happened at the fair in his 40 [...]

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The aromas of wines

Etiquetas Publishing date: 15/04/2016

   The aromas of wine take you moments, situations, memories... They transport you to a world of fruity, floral, spicy and balsamic... scents that lead you to the depth of a wine. The aromas are one or the other depending on the variety of grapes, its cultivation (soil, climate, ripening...), yeast, its elaboration and breeding (French or American oak barrels old or new, time in wood and bottle...). The nose is the most complicated in a [...]

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