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Our curiosities

Here we would like to share with you our details, developments, little secrets, wishes and our love for wine.

Wine, food classified as "spirit" nowadays, that has engraved on it a piece of our history, our land and our culture.

The healthiest and most hygienic drink...

Valentine´s Day

Etiquetas Publishing date: 11/02/2016

One more year, arrives on February 14: Valentine's day... Day of love. It is a day in which we demonstrate our feelings without barriers, without excuses. For this reason, we congratulate all our friends who are in love and you can share it with your partner.I love love love. I do not know another reason for loving love.Fernando Pessoa. According to the Real Academia Española, love has, among others, the following meanings:1. m. intense sense [...]

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Paul #LegendaryPeople

Etiquetas Publishing date: 27/01/2016

 Paul  Edinburgh, ScotlandStockbroker How did you join Leyenda del Páramo? I live in Spain and enjoy your wine. I got to know much to my father-in-law taking Spanish wines from all corners of the country. Even got to take Prieto Picudo wine with the. They liked. Leyenda del Páramo seems a very nice project and membership involves me and I can brag about it with my friends in Scotland! Which Leyenda del Páramo wine do you identify [...]

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Benefits of red wine in your body

Etiquetas Publishing date: 14/01/2016

  Wine is part of human culture for thousands of years, considered a treat for the palate. But not only that, but drinking wine, especially red, it brings many scientifically proven benefits to your health. The great beneficial effects it has on your body can be physical and psychological, but do not forget that must be taken responsibly.     Here are 10 good excuses to enjoy this drink: 1. Aid to watch your mouth thanks to some [...]

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Legendary food pairing for giving the best this Christmas

Etiquetas Publishing date: 11/12/2015

If you have already chosen LEYENDA DEL PÁRAMO for your next Christmas lunches or dinners, thinking about the menu is the next step. Or perhaps you have decided on your menu but do not know with which wine to serve with it? For both situations, we have a solution. We have put on our aprons and found a few ideas so that your food pairing may be a success in the next festivities. What better company for homemade food than a wine made with love? [...]

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Miguel Arce #PersonajesDeLeyenda (#LeyendaPeople)

Etiquetas Publishing date: 02/12/2015

 Miguel Arce Madrid Civil Engineer and wine lover  How did you join Leyenda del Páramo?I have always liked the wine world. Originally, I didn’t know the Prieto Picudo variety, but when I met Pedro and came to know his project, I appreciated his sincerity and cristal clear ideas explaining an initiative that he considers unique and differentiating from the rest of the Spanish wineries. Additionally the Leyenda del Páramo and Prieto Picudo [...]

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