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Our curiosities

Here we would like to share with you our details, developments, little secrets, wishes and our love for wine.

Wine, food classified as "spirit" nowadays, that has engraved on it a piece of our history, our land and our culture.

The healthiest and most hygienic drink...

How to choose the right glass of wine?

Etiquetas Publishing date: 27/11/2015

 This fascinating wine world is an exhaustive source of learning, and though it is important to enjoy it unabashed, there are a few basics you should be acquainted with. One of the most fundamental aspects is the wine glass. Because the container is as important as the content, and can ruin the wine if it is inappropriate, we have compiled some tips to help you: Fine and transparent crystal Wine glasses must always be transparent, [...]

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Women and wine: María Isabel Mijares and Jancis Robinson

Etiquetas Publishing date: 13/11/2015

 Wine is not only a men’s world and we want to dedicate this space to two of the most important women in red, white, sweet and sparkling wines. Two women that in their day to day move themselves among aromas and grapes, that have oponed paths and whise opinions is an absolute reference.María Isabel Mijares, for her love of the sensesHer training as a chemist and percetive capacities brought her to turn to the world of wine, studying in [...]

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What you need to know to conserve your Leyenda del Páramo wine at home

Etiquetas Publishing date: 30/10/2015

 Wine is a living thing that continues to evolve in the bottle and that we care for delicately before it leaves the winery for stores, restaurants or homes. In LEYENDA DEL PÁRAMO we have perfectly controlled temperaturas for our wines to settle in the best conditions. But, how do we preserve our wines at home?You may prefer Aprendiz, Médico or the sweet Flor del Páramo, but every wine needs minimum care in order to avoid, once open, the [...]

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Pablo Martín #PersonajesdeLeyenda (#LeyendaPeople)

Etiquetas Publishing date: 05/10/2015

  Pablo Martín - Milan (Italy) Business Development Manager, Luxottica  How did you join Leyenda del Páramo? I love the project. If you add talent and passion to a good business idea, it is impossible to resist! The story of the wines we produce and the principles on which the winery is based, make this project very attractive and contagious. Which Leyenda del Páramo wine do you identify yourself with and why? [...]

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Wine and Decoration. Recycle your Leyenda del Páramo bottles and cases

Etiquetas Publishing date: 25/09/2015

 How many times have you found yourself with various empty wine bottles after a dinner party? Or with a wine case? You have surely asked yourself how to give a new use to these instead of throwing them away… From LEYENDA DEL PÁRAMO we have decided to give you a few decoration tips that will give a new life to your bottles, corks or cases. From shelves to flowerpotsRecently, wooden wine cases have become one of the most ressourceful [...]

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