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Carlos #LegendaryPeople

EtiquetasPublishing date: 04/05/2016



Guadalajara, Spain

Sommelier. Responsible for store Valentín Moreno and children (founded in 1964). 

Why did you decide to work with Leyenda del Páramo?

I try many wines throughout the year but very few wines that seduce you, that you love and less the wineries that make it with all its wines, here is one of them.

Do you identify with what wine Leyenda del Páramo and why?

El Médico.

It is the first I tried, we made one for the other, we have many things in common. It is those wines which one always has dreamed of being. It is a madness of wine.

What is the best time to taste a wine?

Always, the wine is timeless.

What makes unique the Prieto Picudo or Albarin white?

Prieto Picudo, hardest thing, simplicity.

Albarin reminds me of many of the large Spanish varieties, has a little bit of all of them, is a journey through some denominations of origin in a Cup. A wine with personality.


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