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Leyenda del Páramo

The Paramo's legend tells

that among the mist,

grows a flower in the vines

Prieto Picudo as it is called.

Unknown, humble and honest

as its people,

Prieto Picudo, forging a legend,

a legend of singularity and heroism.

The winery was born in León, in the Paramo, fruit of a dream, compromise and hard work.

  • The dream of starting a legend. As Paulo Coelho said: we have to follow the signs to pursue our Personal Legend.
  • The compromise to revive the prieto picudo.
  • The hard work of a lot of people, sometimes unrewarding, but essential. Men and women becoming legends day after day.

Seven people started the project in 2010. Today we are 76 romantics trying to transmit our dream to many more. We want our wines to travel the world, so that we can pay prieto picudo the hommage it deserves.