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Start > Legendary food pairing for giving the best this Christmas

Legendary food pairing for giving the best this Christmas

EtiquetasPublishing date: 11/12/2015
Ideas for harmonising dishes and wines

If you have already chosen LEYENDA DEL PÁRAMO for your next Christmas lunches or dinners, thinking about the menu is the next step. Or perhaps you have decided on your menu but do not know with which wine to serve with it? For both situations, we have a solution.

We have put on our aprons and found a few ideas so that your food pairing may be a success in the next festivities. What better company for homemade food than a wine made with love? Like ours. Let us begin?

White Aprendiz between the seas

Beyond the clichés, it is true that whites pair marvellously with sea dishes and reds with red meats for recipes that put the menu at another level. For this reason the white Aprendiz 100% Albarín is a definite choice for oven fish like t bream or sea bass, grilled or steamed seafood, as well as soft recipes with a touch of sea, such as a leek cream with shrimps. This white Aprendiz also pairs perfectly with soft cheeses served as an entry.

Aprendiz white wine Aprendiz rose Leyenda Páramo 

¿Why not a rosé?

The rosé Aprendiz pairs well with dried fruit, soups or pastas. It also harmonises well with white meats and soft fish. An interesting choice between a white and a red that will not leave your guests indifferent.

Reds for meats

Or not. For example, in the case of oily fish such as tuna belly fillet or ventresca (a Spanish speciality). A red Aprendiz pairs well with goat cheese, white meat or fish cooked in sauce. El Médico is recommended with the stronger Manchego cheese and red meat; El Músico pairs well with roasted and hunt dishes.

El Médico El Músico El Aprendiz red wine Leyenda del Páramo

Sweet wine for dessert

If you want to surprise your guests and serve a special wine to accompany the desserts, try the sweet white Flor del Páramo. 100% Verdejo, coming from 15 year-old vines where bunches are left to ripen until they reach the right concentration of sugar. Fruit desserts, sweets, but also starters such as foie, patés and dired fruit bits pair well.

Flor del Páramo white sweet wine Leyenda del Páramo

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