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Start > Leyenda del Páramo and that first harvest in 2009

Leyenda del Páramo and that first harvest in 2009

EtiquetasPublishing date: 07/08/2015
The story of a dream, of a dream that came true


Our Legend began with that harvest in 2009, that marked the beginning of a winery that is today one of the most important in the D.O. Tierra de León. It was a difficult harvest knowing the grape varieties were autochthonous, but Pedro González Mittelbrunn carried it out successfully.

Pedro, soul and motor of Leyenda del Páramo

Today he is not only General and Technical Manager of the winery, but he actually carried out the first harvest alone, in rented installations and in uncertain circumstances. He had years of experience in wines linked to the León province where he literally fell in love with the Prieto Picudo variety. He then decided to settle on Páramo, a depressed zone but that had a great wine history, where he decided to give form to two wines coming from this almost extinct variety. El Médico (The Doctor) and El Músico (The Musician) were born.

 Pedro Gonzalez Mittelbrunn Leyenda del Páramo

Two wines. Seven associates. One winery.

The result was convincing. The differentiation and possibilities of the Prieto Picudo variety became a serious wine proposal. Leyenda del Páramo was created in 2010 thanks to the support of 7 founding associates. El Médico and El Músico received excellent ratings and worldwide recognition and have been doing so ever since.

Unique varieties: Prieto Picudo and Albarín

If there is one person associated to the Prieto Picudo grape variety, it is Pedro. Since the very first harvest and today with the Leyenda del Páramo winery, he has always fought and worked to keep this unique and centenary variety alive. Leyenda del Páramo also includes the Albarín Blanco variety, also autochthonous and unique, with which we elaborate the white wines of the winery.

2015. Ten unique wines

Without that first harvest, we could not be talking about Leyenda del Páramo today, about El Médico, El Músico and the ten wines the winery produces between whites, reds and rosés. Today the winery is running at full speed, compromised with quality, the grapes, sustainability and differentiation. That first harvest was the beginning of a story, of the story of a dream, the story of a Legend.

Prieto Picudo Leyenda del Páramo

© Leyenda del Páramo




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