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Start > Miguel Arce #PersonajesDeLeyenda (#LeyendaPeople)

Miguel Arce #PersonajesDeLeyenda (#LeyendaPeople)

EtiquetasPublishing date: 02/12/2015

Miguel Arce Leyenda del Páramo 

Miguel Arce


Civil Engineer and wine lover


How did you join Leyenda del Páramo?

I have always liked the wine world. Originally, I didn’t know the Prieto Picudo variety, but when I met Pedro and came to know his project, I appreciated his sincerity and cristal clear ideas explaining an initiative that he considers unique and differentiating from the rest of the Spanish wineries. Additionally the Leyenda del Páramo and Prieto Picudo projects have a special sentimental component : maragata (Castille & Leon) blood is running in my veins.

Which Leyenda del Páramo wine do you identify yourself with and why?

All the Leyenda del Páramo wines have their own characteristics and I enjoy them all at different moments, but I have a small preference for El Médico. It was our first red wine and the first upon which we began to build our Leyenda (or legendary) characters. We were searching for a name that would identify us with the páramo leonés (Leonese moor) and that would express the pride of belonging to that land. We thought about professions and their beneficial qualities. Finally we chose El Médico, because apart from being one of the most presigious members of a village, they historically had the best vines and made the best wine.

When is your favorite moment to drink wine?

The moment when I most enjoy a fine wine is in the late afternoon, evening, coming home after a long day at work. To have a glass of wine while preparing dinner o having an aperitif helps me disconnect and relax. I have to admit I am incapable of having just one glass though and the wine accompanies me through my dinner…

What makes the Prieto Picudo and Albarín varieties unique?

Today, excellent wines are made worldwide and with any grape variety. For this reason wine is more than just the initial product. Wine is experience and wine is pairing. And the unique store of our autocthonous Prieto Picudo and Albarín blanco, accompanied by a good cecina or black pudding from León, makes the experience even more unique.

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