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Start > Pedro González Mittelbrunn #PersonajesDeLeyenda (#LeyendaPeople)

Pedro González Mittelbrunn #PersonajesDeLeyenda (#LeyendaPeople)

EtiquetasPublishing date: 17/08/2015

Pedro Gonzalez Mittelbrunn #PersonajedeLeyenda 

Pedro González Mittelbrunn

Agricultural Engineer. Master in viticulture and oenology

General and Technical Manager of Leyenda del Páramo

How did you join Leyenda del Páramo?

I am the initiator of this project. Ever since I discovered the Albarín blanco and Prieto Picudo I was convinced of the great potential and possibilities for elaborating great quality wines, an opportunity to build a project based specifically and exclusively on these varieties.

Which Leyenda del Páramo wine do you identify yourself with and why?

In this case, and knowing I am responsible for the elaboration of all the winery’s wines, I must identify myself with all. Each has its own characteristics and elaboration.

When is your favorite moment to drink wine?

All the moments are appropriate. This is precisely why the consumption of wine is in decline in Spain. One does not need a special moment to taste a good wine. I would rather say that different wines should be tasted at different moments.

What makes the Prieto Picudo and Albarín varieties unique?

I would say, because of their organoleptic quality features and their freshness. They are both noble and unique. The wines are very open, healthy and fresh. They give everything from the start and do not hide anything. That is why they have triumphed progressively on the international market.

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