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Prieto Picudo

Legendary grape

Easy to distinguish because of its tight bunch. The grapes are oval shaped with a pointy end. The skin is dark-bluish. The taste and aroma are sweet and intense. Its uniqueness comes from the vineyard's conduction system. The branches lie on the field which is highly unusual. The pruning is also different, much harder than usual because you need to kneel down. We call it rastra.

Vino de Aguja (semi-sparkling wine)

We use prieto picudo to produce a type of wine exclusive from León: El vino de aguja. There's a second slow fermentation, which improves the quality of the wine, giving it a fizziness typical from natural dissolved CO2. We achieve this second fermentation by adding full prieto picudo grapes to the juice. We need to use the biggest percentage of prieto picudo possible.