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Start > Santiago Miñarro #LegendaryPeople

Santiago Miñarro #LegendaryPeople

EtiquetasPublishing date: 13/04/2016


Santiago Miñarro

Jaén, Spain



Why did you decide to be partner of Leyenda del Páramo?

It was 2002 when I discovered a Leonese wine. From that day grew my interest in the area and recently I met the author of the wine that I fell in love and was none other than Mr. Pedro González... When I spoke of his project of legend I did not a single second. Now it has become my own. Often privilege for a romantic like me.


Do you identify with what wine Leyenda del Páramo and why?

With everyone, because I like everyone, but the musician has a melody of old vines that captivates the palate and I'm still discovering it. I love its complexity. We are going to take very well he and I.


Time: what is the best time to taste a wine?

I'm very picky when it comes to drink wine. For me is magic and the magic does not occur every day. I need to feel it to open a bottle. It is wonderful to be able to understand everything that transmits a wine... Unique. Which brings me to moments of happiness and remember it for life. Tomo came not by drinking it, but feel it and I like that my company will also feel it. When these parameters together captive wine, I feel that it is time and open them.


What makes unique the Prieto Picudo or the Albarín Blanco?

He did not know their stories, their peculiarities. I am slowly discovering them. They are different... Unique in the world strains... And that is an attraction for someone who feels the wine like me.


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