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The Grapes

In Leyenda del Páramo we are faithful to our grapes, we are commited to the elaboration of our red and rosé wines solely with prieto picudo grapes. We resort, logically, to another variety of grape for the elaboration of our whites, the extremely scarce albarín blanco, also unique from the land of León.

Prieto Picudo and Albarín Blanco, legendary grapes

If prieto picudo and albarín blanco were an animal they would be a lynx. Unique, ancestral and almost extinct. Those are our grapes. They have grown in the South of León for more than a century and uprooted in the last decades.

Only 100 hectares of old vines remain. Our small production allows us to use grapes from old vines. Thanks to using grapes from old vines we get aromatic whites, rosés and reds that age well both in barrel and bottle.

Prieto picudo is high in colouring matter, acidity, sugar and tanins. All these together make our wines special and different. Albarín blanco is extremely fresh and aromatic.

Leyenda del Paramo's goal is to produce different and exclusive wines to export the singularity and grateness of prieto picudo and albarín blanco.