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Valentine´s Day

EtiquetasPublishing date: 11/02/2016

One more year, arrives on February 14: Valentine's day... Day of love. It is a day in which we demonstrate our feelings without barriers, without excuses. For this reason, we congratulate all our friends who are in love and you can share it with your partner.

I love love love. I do not know another reason for loving love.
Fernando Pessoa.
According to the Real Academia Española, love has, among others, the following meanings:

1. m. intense sense of the human being which, on the basis of his own inadequacy, need and seeks the meeting and union with another being.

2 m. feeling towards another person that naturally draws us, ensuring reciprocity in the desire for union, us full, happy and gives energy to live, communicate, and create.
3 m. feeling of affection, inclination and delivery to someone or something.
We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.
Eduardo Galeano.

Love has many symbols and the wine is, without a doubt, one of them. Both chose them according to our tastes, care for them with care and enjoy them with pleasure.
In addition, the wine knows much better when shared. Therefore, what better gift to enjoy during this special date?
Give a bottle of your favorite wine and accompanied by a bouquet of roses, chocolates, or a book, you be right safe! Another good option is to give a getaway wine... can imagine visiting a winery and do a tasting with winemaker? It can be an unforgettable experience, in an environment not crowded and full of tradition.
Where there is no wine there is no love.

Do have planned one of the plans above? Tell us about other romantic surprises that gave you your partner!

 And to be total, complete, absolutely in love, we must be fully aware that one is also beloved, that one also inspires love.
Mario Benedetti


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