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For practical reasons it is common to classify wines in whites, rosés, reds, etc. But we also like to group our wines by families. Families that bring Leyenda del Páramo to life.

Living legends

A humble and honest family full of reds, all of them aged, who will build their personalities just like those who gave them their names.

El Aprendiz - 3 months is oak
El Médico - 9 months is oak
El Músico - 12 months is oak

All of them left a mark among the people of El Páramo, they were unique, hard-working and distinguished people. Valuable people that achieved their Personal Legend.

Living legends is our tribute in the shape of red wine to the aspirations, trade, work and companionship of those people.

Flor del Páramo

Lifelong family consisting of white, red and rosé. Beloved home and abroad. Youth and freshness are their symbols of identity.

For the people from El Páramo, flower (flor) of the field, flower of the páramo, is the prieto picudo grape. This family is our banner.

         Flor del Páramo red
         Flor del Páramo rosé
         Flor del Páramo white
         Flor del Páramo sweet white