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Start > What you need to know to conserve your Leyenda del Páramo wine at home

What you need to know to conserve your Leyenda del Páramo wine at home

EtiquetasPublishing date: 30/10/2015
Pamper it at home like we pamper it at the winery


Wine is a living thing that continues to evolve in the bottle and that we care for delicately before it leaves the winery for stores, restaurants or homes. In LEYENDA DEL PÁRAMO we have perfectly controlled temperaturas for our wines to settle in the best conditions. But, how do we preserve our wines at home?

You may prefer Aprendiz, Médico or the sweet Flor del Páramo, but every wine needs minimum care in order to avoid, once open, the surprise of a damaged wine. In order to avoid this, here are some useful tips:

Beware of light

Sunlight is a big enemy of wine. Direct exposure will damage it due to a series of chemical reactions that, though we cannot see them with the naked eye, will be noted when the bottle in uncorked. Wine bottles must be stored in a dark, dry space with ventilation.

Leave it alone

Wine must be preserved lying down o upside down, but the wine must always be in contact with the cork in order to avoid it drying up. Only bottles with a synthetic cork o a screw cap can be preserved standing up. Also, it is important for the wine to “sleep” or rest, avoiding vibrations or movement. This is why the wine rack where the wine is placed must make it easy to find the bottle we are looking for without having to move the rest of the bottles.

Temperature and humidity

Apart from the light, wine must not have strong temperature changes. Ideally, it must be maintained between 10 and 15 °C, with a humidity between 65% and 80%. This garanties the the cork does not dry up and that it lets the filtrations pass avoiding the generation of fungus.

Ideally, a conditioned wine cabinet

Investing in a climatized wine cabinet or cellar is important. It will keep the wine at just the right temperature, ventilation and humidity, in the right position and away from the light. All you need is to find a place at home. Existing designs are very tempting, even for putting your wine cabinet to be seen by all.

What you need to know to conserve your Leyenda del Páramo wine at home

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Images: SpiralCellars UK, Sub-Zero y Delica


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