Leyenda del Páramo

The illusion of forging a legend, the illusion of materializing that which we all carry inside and gives meaning to our lives, achieving a dream, which, as Coelho said, is pursued by paying attention to the signs that put us on the way to write our personal legend.

Leyenda del Páramo

The illusion de forjar leyenda, la ilusión por materializar eso que todos llevamos dentro y da sentido a nuestra vida, alcanzar un sueño, que como decía Coelho, se persigue prestando atención a las señales que nos ponen en el camino para escribir nuestra leyenda personal.

We were 7 people who founded the project in January 2010. Today we are more than one hundred and fifty romantics who contribute what we have to infect many more. We all have a clear objective: to make our wines, as excellent as they are, cross borders and elevate our native varieties: Prieto Picudo and White Albarin, unique in the world, to a remarkable place.

Our wine ranges

Flor del Páramo Range

The family of a lifetime, with representation of all of them; white, rosé and red. The most loved at home and abroad. Youth and freshness are the hallmarks of their identity.

El Rescatado Range: Organic Wines

Leyenda del Páramo was the pioneer winery in launching ECOLOGICAL wines made with the varieties White Albarin and Prieto Picudo. The EL RESCATADO range is the result of constant artisanal, sustainable work, perseverance, sensitivity and respect for the environment.

Leyendas de Vida Range

A humble and honest family made up of three reds, a rosé and a white that, like those who gave their name to the wine, will make themselves through hard work, dedication and patience. Brands; EL APRENDIZ, EL MÉDICO y EL MÚSICO.

Special Range: Sweet and Sparkling Wines

And you can not miss the family of special wines; sparkling and sweet. Leyenda del Páramo is the only winery in the world that produces sparkling wines with the varieties; white Albarin and Prieto Picudo. Brands; MITTEL and PICARDIAS, perfect companions for fresh and sweet dinners, in the company of our loved ones.

Our grapes and vineyards

Prieto Picudo

It is easily distinguished by its small cluster, with very black, tight, oval-shaped berries, in some clones even ending in a point, hence the name of the variety; preto ⇒ prieto and berry with a pointed shape.

Albarín White

Medium cluster, its berries are rounded and of a beautiful golden color, very characteristic. This variety is characterized by a great freshness and a very high aromatic intensity. It is a variety that is only grown in the south of the provinces of León and Asturias, and is tremendously special.

Making wines since


The vineyards are located in a landscape called "El Páramo", located in the northern section of the Duero river basin. They have an altitude of around 900 m. They are flat, poor soils with a large amount of boulders, old fluvial terraces of the Esla and Bernesga rivers.

The climate is extreme continental, suffering temperatures close to 40ºC in summer and -15ºC in winter. During the seasons of spring, summer and autumn, the temperature difference between day and night never reaches values below 20º C. This marked contrast favors the accumulation of aromatic substances in our grapes.

The land in the area is mainly used for the production of wine grapes, cereals and aromatic herbs such as chamomile. The contour of the plain is delimited by the oteros; hills that provide the vineyards with protection from the cold wind coming from the Picos de Europa massif.

The average rainfall in the area is low, between 400 and 500 mm per year.

Traditionally, the area occupied by our vineyards is known as Valdevimbre – Los Oteros – Cea, which is registered in the Denomination of Origin Tierra de León and in the Protected Geographical Indication Castilla and León.

Fruit of illusion, commitment and hard work.


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Our facilities are unique, totally oriented to Wine tourism and the wine-growing training of our visitors. We have the capacity to hold events with more than 500 people, we have a large auditorium, tasting room, gourmet shop, wine cellar, and very soon, we will launch our gastrobar.

Our facilities have fully equipped rooms where you can hold your family or business meeting. After the meeting, we will visit the facilities with your guests and organize a magnificent tasting with our wines. If you want, you can even stay to eat. We can organize many typical meals of the province of León ...

Awards and Prizes

When talking about wine, although it is not everything, it is important to look for references in competitions, guides or the voices of the most respected critics. Thanks to these references, we can evaluate our wines more objectively. We have participated in international and national wine competitions.

"I have been buying Picardías wine for some time now and the truth is that I can't get enough of it, it's very good"

Ángel Jiménez

"El Músico Tinto became a great discovery in wines. It has become one of my favorites and at an excellent price"

Raquel Ruiz

"I like Leyenda del Páramo wines specifically because they are from my land, and they are the best."

Jaime Delgado

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