In Leyenda del Páramo we have ample recreational spaces where we hold events and activities every year in which our members can participate, as well as visitors or tourists who are in the area.

Among the most outstanding events in our vineyard are:

The Leyenda del Páramo Popular Race.

As its name indicates, it consists of a Popular Race in which any adult can participate. The circuit runs along the land consolidation roads that surround our vineyards and, in several more technical sections, cross directly through them. It is always held on the second Sunday of September so that runners can experience the atmosphere of the grape harvest. To cross the finish line it is necessary to complete 2 laps of the circuit, with a total length of approximately 8 km.

Harvest Festival

The Grape Harvest Festival has become a reference wine event for Leyenda del Páramo members, their families, friends and contacts. 

It is a party that is not open to the general public, and is held every Saturday of the second week of September, the day before the Popular Race.

Training Courses

Eventually, we also offer various training courses for people who are passionate about the vineyard, winemaking and wine tasting.